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Information on processing of personal data

User’s personal data are used by GALLERY HOTEL RECANATI Sas di Ghergo Luciano e C, which is appointed for the processing, in relation to the principles of protection of personal data established by GDPR 2016/679 Regulation.


  1. We inform you that data will be processed with the support of the following means:
  • Mixed use of both electronic and paper format

with the following purposes:

  • Acquisition of payments
  • Fulfilment of legal obligations related to business relations
  • Fulfilment of fiscal or accounting obligations
  • Promotion activities
  • Tourism and leisure activities
  • Contacts with the user
  • Elaboration, printing, inserting into envelops and shipping of invoices
  • Supply of the produced service
  • Accounting and treasury management
  • Customer management (contracts, orders, shipping and invoices)
  • On-line services hosting
  • Estimate request
  • Marketing (market analysis and investigation)
  • Newsletter
  • Supply of goods and services by mailing list
  • Services booking
  • Profiling for promotional purposes
  • Hotel guests registration
  • Public relations
  • Customer levels of satisfaction survey
  • Electronic means of payment (credit and debit card, electronic money)

Without prejudice to explicit denial by the person concerned, user’s data will be also processed  for the following purposes for which it is necessary the expression of the consent.

  • Transmission of business proposal and commercial communication by email or SMS or fax from GALLERY HOTEL RECANATI  Sas di Ghergo Luciano e C
  • Market investigation and statistics, marketing and information on publicity (press, radio, TV, internet, etc.), product preferences;
  • Profiling activity;
  • Consent to processing of particular data;
  • Making reservations and giving a feedback to the user and all the activities closely linked to this booking, including those concerning the administrative and accounting nature.

Any refusal to enable the processing of data implies the inability for the user to benefit to the service requested.

The hotel has to fulfil the obligations of public safety provided for art. 109 of Royal Decree n.773  of 18/06/1931 and subsequent amendments, concerning the notification of customer details  to the central police station.


  1. Data must be provided in relation to all is requested by legal and contractual obligations and any refusal to provide them, completely or partially, might lead to the inability to provide the services required. The society processes users‘ optional information on the basis of consent, that is through explicit approval of the present policy privacy and in relation to the purposes and modalities described below.


  1. Without prejudice to the notifications executed in fulfilment of legal and contractual obligations, all collected and elaborated data can be communicated only for the purposes specified above to the following categories of data subjects:
  • Authorized persons;
  • External bodies.


  1. Compulsory data for the financial and contractual purpose are conserved for the time needed to the development of the commercial relationship and the accountancy report.

Data of people who do not buy or use any products/services, although having contact with representatives of the company, will be immediately cancelled or dealt anonymously only if, otherwise, their conservation will be justified, except that the informed consent of data subjects in relation to a future trade promotion activity or market research has been effectively acquired.

Data will be processed for all the time needed to the development of the commercial relationship and for the next ten years from the acquisition date.

Data provided for requested quotes or to allow the surfing on the website will be preserved for a period of 12 months.


  1. Under European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR) and national legislation, the data subject can exercise the following rights, in the manner and within the limits provided for by the existing legislation:
  • to request the confirmation of presence of personal data about him/her (right of access);
  • to know the origin of them;
  • to receive intelligible notification;
  • to have information about the logic, modalities and purposes of processing;
  • to request the updating, adjustment, integration, cancellation, transformation into a more anonymous form, block of data processed in violation of laws, including those no more necessary to the fulfilment of the purposes they have been collected for;
  • right of restriction and/or objection to process data about him /her;
  • right of withdrawal;
  • right of data portability;
  • in the cases of processing based on consent, to receive his/her data provided to the owner, in structured form and readable by a data-processing machine and in a format commonly used by an electronic device;
  • right to lodge a complaint to supervisory authority.
  1. The controller of your personal data is GALLERY HOTEL RECANATI Sas di

Ghergo Luciano e C, VAT n. 01767210436, tax code 01767210436

  • Email: INFO@GHR.IT
  • PEC:
  • Phone: 071981914

Information about Cookies

What cookies are

A „cookie“ is a text file saved on the user’s computer at a time when he/she logs to a web site and it aims to give information every time the user comes back on the same web site. It is a kind of reminder of the web page already visited. Through the cookie, the server web sends information  to user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.), which are saved on his/her computer, and they will be reread and updated every time the user comes back on the website. In this way the web site can adapt itself automatically to the user. During the surfing the user might receive on his terminal cookies from different web sites as well (“third- party” cookies), directly set up by managers of these web sites and employed for the purposes and in the manner defined by them.

In relation to their duration, cookies can be divided into session cookies (that is temporary ones and automatically cancelled from the terminal at the end of the browser session, closing the browser ) and persistent cookies (that is those which remain in the data storage of the terminal until their expiration or cancellation by the user).
According to the function and the purposes of use, cookies can be divided in technical cookies and profiling cookies.

Technical cookies

Some cookies are used to do computer authentications, session monitoring and memorisation of specific information about users who access a web page. These cookies, called technical, are often useful to allow the surfing on a web site and to make use of all its functions. The use of technical cookies does not imply the user’s consent.

This category includes analytics cookies as well. They are a type of cookies which collect information about how a web site is used by a consumer and how the functioning can be improved. For instance, the analytics cookies show the most visited pages, they permit to verify which are the pattern utilised on a web site and they help to understand every difficulty the user might have.

Profiling cookies

Conversely, other cookies can be utilised to monitor and profile users during the web surfing, to look into their movements and  usual web consultations or consumer behaviour (what they buy, what they read, etc.), also in order to advertise specific and personalised services. In this specific case, they represent profiling cookies, which need the acquisition of free, prior and informed consent of the consumer under Article 7 of European Regulation 2016/679.

Third party cookies

A web page might have some cookies from other web sites and held in different elements in the same page, as banner advertisement, images, videos, maps or specific links to web pages of other domains which are on a different server from that of the required web page. In other words, these  cookies are directly set up by the site managers or different servers from this web site. In these specific cases, they represent the so called third party cookies, which are usually utilised for a profiling purpose, and they need the acquisition of free, prior and informed consent of the consumer.

Types of cookies utilised on our web site

The main functions of the cookies installed by are technical, they are used to improve constantly the Service, for the authentication, for statistical purposes like the count of  visits to the site. Therefore the utilisation of cookies is strictly targeted to facilitate the functions of the server during the surfing of the Service.

Moreover, the site permits to transmit these third party cookies. They are not instrument under our dominion, therefore, for further information, it is possible to check the note and the form of acquisition of the consent of third parties, by clicking on the reported links.

To improve the web site and to understand which parts or elements are mostly appreciated by users, cookies of third party of Google Analytics are used as instrument of anonymised and aggregated  analysis. They are not instrument under our dominion, therefore, for further information, it is possible to check the report provided by Google.

Web pages incorporate within them some widgets and Facebook and Google Plus sharing buttons, in order to allow the user to share web site contents on his/her own social channels, and to interact with our channels. These cookies are not instrument under our dominion, but they are created respectively by Facebook and Google at a time when someone uses the corresponding widget or sharing button. For further information, please visit the information page provided by Facebook and Google.

Some web pages incorporate within them YouTube video contents. Cookies from YouTube might be recalled after visiting a page containing a video or clicking in order to visualize a video.   These cookies are not instrument under our dominion. For further information, please visit the information page provided by Google.

The site might utilize Facebook ADS programs managed by Facebook Inc., Google Adwords  and the Google Remarketing technology, managed by Google Inc. The monitoring function of Facebook ADS and AdWords conversions employs cookies to help us to track sales and other conversions.

Cookies management

The user can manage his/her personal settings concerning cookies through the features in the ordinary browsers which allow to cancel/ remove cookies (all or some) or to change the browser settings in order to stop the transmission of cookies or to restrict it to specific web sites (compared to others)

Hence cookies utilization can be denied following the disabling procedure provided by the browser. The modalities suggested by the main browsers are the follows: Microsoft Windows Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Google Analytics downloading a specific  plug-in for the browser.

For information about cookies stored in your own computer and disable them singularly please refer to :

Plug-in Social Network web site incorporates plug-in and/or controls for social networks, in order to permit an easy sharing of contents on your favourite social networks. These plug-ins are programmed so that they do not set up any cookie when entering the page, with the aim of protecting users‘ privacy. If social networks establish it, cookies are possibly set up only when the user  effectively and voluntarily makes use of plug-in. Please note that if the user is logged in the social network while surfing, he/she has already consented to the use of cookies conveyed by this web site at the time of the registration to the social network.

The collection and the use of information obtained through the plug-in are regulated by the respective privacy policies of the social networks. Please refer to:

Facebook – (link cookie report)
Twitter – (link cookie report)
– LinkedIn – (link cookie report)
Google+ – (link cookie report)

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We inform you that at you can consult the Extended Privacy Policy adopted by the hotel itself in accordance with art. 13 and 14 of the GDPR 679/2016, where you can have a look at all the legislative requirements in the aforementioned articles to which the company Gallery Hotel Recanati Sas di Ghergo Luciano e C adheres in accordance with the provisions on the processing of personal data.

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