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Romantic Escapes

You deserve the best for your romantic getaway

tania, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati

Hi! I’m Tania, your Love Planner.

I’m here to help make your romantic stay even more memorable.

My secret? Lots of passion and attention to details.

And of course, the evocative ambiance in our premises, capable of transforming even the most mundane moments in unforgettable experiences.

Like our panoramic terrace, which you can reserve for an exclusive candle-lit dinner, just for you and your special someone.

My recipe for success in matters of the heart

The 10 commandments that will lead you to REAL success in LOVE:

1. Take some days off, but a minimum of 2 (or why not? 3, 4 days …. or even 1-2 weeks …)

2. Find a way to “kidnap” your special person, without her/him realizing (of course …)

3. Leave for Recanati, the “city of poetry”, destination Gallery Hotel Recanati

4. Enjoy a welcome cocktail offered by the hotel (ask for the aphrodisiac one, if you dare…)

5. Take a Suite, Junior Suite or Deluxe with balcony (ask for the best one), decorated for the occasion

6. Have a candlelight diner for a special, romantic occasion, such as a marriage proposal, anniversary, or whatever!…

7. Sleep … or not?

8. Enjoy a rich breakfast in bed

9.. … Take your time … leaving only at 16:00 and book a massage for couples …

10. Pay the bill discreetly at the reception and include unexpected extras … like: flowers in the room, a bottle of champagne, chocolates, massages, and other little gifts proving your love ….

The hotel offers ALL its services (with heart) … but everything else is up to YOU… 🙂

FYI. If  the “operation” isn’t successful (unlikely, if you follow the commandments to the rule – but never say never …) or if the person at the end is not “the one” (this can happen – mistakes are human) ask the hotel for a consolation gift for the disappointed Lover and check with them the availability of rooms for a second attempt…

A romantic Night stay in Suite, with dinner by candle-lit, breakfast in room, and late check-out

Starting from: 199€


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Via Falleroni, 85 - 62019 RECANATI (MC)
Marche - Italy
Tel +39 071 981914
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