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An International Team Always at Your Service

We want to be your guiding light: friends who speak your language, understand your needs, and do their best every day to make you feel special.

Our mission is to be there for our guests, always. Because there is nothing we value more than the relationships we’re able to establish with our clients.



Everyone has got the right answer for you

Stephanie, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati


Managing Director

speaks Italian, German, French, English

Stephanie is our general and administration manager. Born in Germany, she lived many years in France and since 15 years in Italy. A perfect combination of these three countries: Teutonic precision, French elegance and charm  and truly in love with Italy. She loves yoga and adventurous sports, not afraid of heights (maybe because she is herself 1,80 high?).

To contact her directly:

Monica, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati


Housekeeping Manager

speaks Italian, Spanish and English

Monica Hildermann is our housekeeping manager. German name but Latin soul, Monica was born and raised in Argentina and moved to Italy 15 years ago. Cleanliness and tidiness freak and attentive to detail, we could not have found a better person for the delicate task of protecting our most valuable asset: the comfort of our guests.

To contact her directly:

Claudia, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati



speaks Italian, English and Spanish

Claudia Mariotti is one of the youngest staff members at Gallery Hotel Recanati. She will infect you with her laugh’s spontaneity from the very first moment. Owner of a little dog, Milly, a 6 yo Maltese, she will advise you on routes and places for you and your four-legged friend.

To contact her directly:

Andre, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati



speaks Italian, French and English

André Baeckelandt is our receptionist. Born and raised in Belgium, he is the emblem of North European discretion. André is the sporty guy of the group: he loves boards if you mean surf or snowboard. If you want to break the ice with him you can ask information about Trappist beer or artisanal Marche beer!

To contact him directly:

Antonietta, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati



speaks Italian

Maria Antonietta Angelini is the queen of the kitchen! The backbone for our restaurant, she has seen a lot of chefs and cooks coming and going, but she has never lost her verve. Now when she bears the responsibility, she jumps in the kitchen experimenting vegan recipes, cooking fish or meat, always ready to satisfy your requests. Just tireless!

To contact her directly:

Marisa, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati


Receptionist e restaurant

speaks Italian, Dutch and English

Marisa Sibilio is our Flying Dutchman! A unique and explosive cross between The Netherlands and Puglia, she combines the organization of a Nordic mind with the spontaneity of a Mediterranean heart. Repentant lawyer and a real foodie, she is a graduated sommelier, official taster of cheeses and chocolate. She will guide you among the gastronomic treasures of our land!

To contact her directly:

tania, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati


Breakfast & Restaurant

speaks Italian and English

Tania Pietanesi works as a bar and restaurant waitress. Tania is the personification of sweetness. The youngest girl in the group, she never draws back and throws herself heart and soul into everything she does with a disarming smile. Because of her romantic character she is the right person to help you arrange surprises for your love, decorate your room or serve your dinner by candlelight.

To contact her directly:

Daniele, staff, Gallery Hotel Recanati


Night Porter

speaks Italian and English

Daniele is the lord of the night at Gallery Hotel Recanati. Are you late and tired after a long journey? You will find to welcome you his sincere and refreshing smile combined with a kindness from the past. You will not want to go to sleep. A chat with him at the reception will be transformed into an experience to remember.

To contact him directly:

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